Suewiya Mae Gillette Pickett


Born: March 4, 1939

Oregon: ages 0-3

Washington: ages 4-9

California: ages 9-17

Rice Institute, Houston, Texas: BA (Biology), 3 June 1960

Married: 6 Jun 1960 in Houston and moved to Austin, TX

UT at Austin: PhD (Zoology, physiology), 28 August 1965


Publications based on work at UT:

Some Structural and Functional Properties of Homarus americanus Hemocyanin, PhD Dissertation, August 1965.


Lobster Hemocyanin: Properties of the Minimum Functional Subunit and of Aggregates, S. M. Pickett, A. F. Riggs, and J. L. Larimer, Science, February 25, 1966, Vol. 131, No. 3713, pages 1005-1007.


Postdoc at Stanford Medical Center with Dr. Eric Schooter, October, 1965 January, 1967.



Hahns Bern Pickett born 28 Jan 1967 in Palo Alto-Stanford Hospital, Palo Alto, CA

Eric Duane Pickett born 20 August 1969 in Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Bozeman, MT


Publications based on work at Montana State Univ., Bozeman, MT, including early wet chemistry analyses of plant DNA:


Grain Phytic Acid and Protein Are Highly Correlated in Winter Wheat, Victor Rayboy, Maher M. Noaman, G. Allan Taylor, and Suewiya G. Pickett, Crop Science 31: 631-635 (1991).


Pyhtic Acid Represents 10 to 15% of Total Phosphorus in Alfalfa Root and Crown, M. Campbell, R. Dunn, R. Ditterline, S. Pickett, and V. Rayboy, Journal of Plant Nutrition, 14(9), 925-937 (1991).


Reversion Rate but not Excision Rate is Reduced in bz-m13 CS17 (a variety of corn, Zea mays), V. Rayboy, M.S. Jurica, S.G. Pickett, Maydica 39 (1994): 57-64.


Moved to Huntley, IL in May, 2011, to be near Hahns and our grandchildren.