Personal History of James Mace Pickett:

The name Mace came from my great uncle Mace Graham Lester. There was also a Mace Lester born 10/12/1909 and died 3/1981 in Dallas, Georgia, just west of Atlanta according to Social Security (1938-1998) records. In High School, I loved science and math. I tried to build a rocket motor using two-inch pipe fittings, acetylene and oxygen - one pop and I decided not to kill myself with an explosion. I also ground and polished a six inch reflecting telescope mirror, which I had coated with aluminum and Dad helped me mount. I wanted to travel to the stars, but soon realized they were too far away to reach in my lifetime. I graduated from HS as valedictorian and entered Rice U in physics. I soon learned to hate memorizing physics, math and German. I really hated differential equations and began taking biology courses. The best thing about Rice was meeting Suewiya. I graduated in math after five years at Rice, married Suewiya, and entered a PhD in Biology at U of TX, Austin. We both completed our PhD's by August, 1965 and traveled to NYC and Europe for six weeks before I began a Postdoc at the Carnegie Institution Lab at Stanford U. Hahns was born on 1/28/67 and we moved to Bozeman in August, 1967.

I was a faculty member in the Botany and Microbiology Department at Montana State University from 1967 to 1973. In 1973, I was asked to become Head of a new Department of Biology. I was Head from 1973 until 1983, when I was asked to become Acting Director of Administration at MSU. I was chief financial officer from 1983-1986. In 1986, I returned to the Department of Biology as a professor and taught classes and worked on an environmental statistics research project. I retired at age 55 in 1992, but continued to do budget work on the research project part-time until 1996. Since complete retirement, I have continued my interest in computer programming and applications which began when I taught myself FORTRAN in about 1970. We have also learned western and ballroom dancing beginning in 1986 and continued to dance about twice each week until we moved to Huntley, IL in 2011. We still dance occasionally. See: ..\Website\JMPCV.htm and ..\Website\SGPCV.htm

In September, 2003, I began creating a website on human population growth at which you might find interesting.