Games Which Load and Seem to Run on Windows 10

28 March 2016



Ankh, three games

Hoyle Card Games

Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Letters from Nowhere 1

Letters from Nowhere 2

Mysterious Adventures, 16 games

Mysterious Journey II


Play Rec Room Games

Riddle of the Sphinx


Syberia 2

The Omega Stone

Anno 2205 on Ubisoft vaguely resembles SimCity4 and runs on Windows 10.

Games Which Will Not Run on Windows 10

The Witness

SimCity4 only runs on early versions of Windows 7.

Uru will not run on 7 or 10 and is not available on Ubisoft.

War games are popular, but many have died or been wounded in wars: USwarcasualties.htm